Churches in Hobsons Bay:

Note: If you notice that details of churches below have changed, are incomplete, or are otherwise incorrect, please use the contact form below to provide updated information or contact the webmaster through the Contact Page.

Altona 3018

Altona Baptist Church, 14 Sargood St (between Queen and Blythe Sts) ALTONA 3018 Mel 54 G11. Services Sunday 10:00 am & 7:00 pm. Rev Leigh Diprose 83078305

Altona Salvation Army Corps 108 Queen St (Cnr Bent St) ALTONA 3018 Mel 54 H11. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Cpt. Matthew & Fiona Kean 9398 1954

Mary, Help of Christians Catholic Church 97 Railway St (cnr McBain St) ALTONA 3018 Mel 54 G10. Services Sunday 8:30 & 10:30am, Saturday 9.30 am & 6.30 pm. Father Paul Tru 9398 2964

St Eanswythe’s Anglican Church Cnr Queen & Bent Sts ALTONA 3018 Mel 54 H11. Services Sunday 8:00 am, & 10:00 am. Vicar Ven. Liam Matthews 9398 1005, Terry Heath (Vestry contact) 9315 7064

Trinity Uniting Church 7 Seves St ALTONA 3018 Mel 54 J11. Services Sunday 10:00 am & 7:00 pm. Rev Bert Dellosa 9398 1765

Altona North/Brooklyn 3025

Annunciation Catholic Church Nolan Ave BROOKLYN 3025 Mel 41 A10. Service Saturday 7:00 pm. Fr Thomas Carra 9314 5613

Brooklyn Uniting Church 9 Paringa Rd (Cnr Bond St) ALTONA NORTH 3025 Mel 41 A11. Service Sunday 8:45 am. Rev Louis van Laar 9314 2593

Martin Luther Lutheran Church 27 The Broadway ALTONA NORTH 3025 Mel 55 E2. Service Sunday 11:00 am. Rev Mark Winter 9741 7131

Melbourne Chin Church Behind St Leo’s Catholic Church 315 Mason St (Cnr Fourth Ave) ALTONA NORTH 3025 Mel 55 A2. Service Sunday 11:00 am. Pastor Rev Sai Liant 0422 794 349

St Leo The Great Catholic Church 315 Mason St (Cnr Fourth Ave) ALTONA NORTH 3025 Mel 55 A2.  Services Sunday 9:00 am, 10:30 am & 6:00 pm. Father Paul Tru 93917111

St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church 112-114 Mills Street ALTONA North 3025 Mel 55 C2. 9391 4280

The Dormition of Our Lady Greek Orthodox Church Millers Road ALTONA NORTH 3025 Mel . Rev Anthony Vanikiotis 0422 077 282

Altona Meadows/Laverton/Seabrook 3028

Altona Christian Centre(CRC). Trafalgar Avenue Community Centre, 28-32 Trafalgar Av ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 208 G1. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Pastor Stephen Holt 9395 1543. Email:.

Altona Evangelical Church 68-72 Nelson Ave (Cnr Rowson Ct) ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 208 F2. PO Box 1006 Altona Meadows 3028. Services Sunday 10:00 am & 7:00 pm. Elder Ray Spriggs 9315 6140. Sec. Pat Daly 9749 1950

Altona Meadows/Laverton Uniting Church 61-71 Central Ave ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 53 D12. PO Box 1019 Altona Meadows 3028. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Rev Susan Malthouse 9369 0384

Christ The Lord Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church 72-74 Point Cook Rd SEABROOK 3028 Mel 208 A1. Service Sunday 10:00 am (Slovak) Pastor Jan Havjar 9369 5675

Emanuel Spanish Baptist Fellowship Venue and services unknown (Spanish). Pastor Edgardo Alvarez

Free Church of Tonga Venue unknown. Post: 72 Loyola Rd. Werribee 3030. Service Sunday 1:00 pm (Tongan) Pastor Vilisoni Fonua 9362 1293.

Point Cook Community Baptist ChurchSeabrook Primary School, Pt Cook Rd SEABROOK 3028 Mel 208 A2. PO Box 6080 Point Cook 3030. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Pastor David Van Der Putten 9395 8253. Email:.

Queen of Peace Catholic Church Everingham Rd (Cnr Queen St) ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 208 J1. Services Sunday 8:00 am & 11:00 am, Saturday 6 :00 pm. Father Ian Ranson 9369 6877

St Clement’s Anglican Church Central Ave (Cnr Skeehan Blvd) ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 53 D12. Service Sunday 9:00 am. Vicar Ven. Liam Matthews 9398 1005, Terry Heath (Vestry contact) 9315 7064

St Martin de Porres Catholic Church 2 Pearce St (Cnr Bellin St) LAVERTON 3028 Mel 53 F7. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Father Ian Ranson 9369 6877

WestCity Christian Church 86-88 Central Ave ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 Mel 53 D11. P.O. Box 1251 Werribee Plaza 3030. Service Sunday 10:30 am. Pastor Mel Whitworth 9449 8083

Newport/Spotswood/South Kingsville 3015

C3 Church Hobsons Bay South Kingsville Community Centre, 43 Paxton Street SOUTH KINGSVILLE Mel 41 G12. Service Sunday 10:30 am. Pastors John and Danielle Pace 8307 8806, 0405636439

C3 Church Newport (Hobsons Bay Christian Church) 107 Woods Street NEWPORT 3015 Mel 55 G5. Post: PO Box 161 Williamstown 3016. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Pastors Len and Kaye Hawes 9748 6054, 0425 863 344.

Christ Church Anglican 61 Mason St. NEWPORT 3015 Mel 55 J4. Note: Christ Church are meeting at 4 pm on Sundays at Newport Baptist while restoration is undertaken on the building at 61 Mason Street. Rev John de Blank 93980652, 0408271944

Lautu Baptist Church Meeting at St Mark’s Church in Spotswood. 622 Melbourne Rds (Cnr Hudsons Rd) SPOTSWOOD 3015 Mel 41 J12. Services Sundays 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. Contact:  Lian Hlun Zakulh 04 1203 8478

Newport Baptist Church 26 Mason St NEWPORT 3015 Mel 55 J4. Services: 2nd, 3rd  & 4th Sundays 10:00 am, 1st Sunday of the Month 12.00 Noon combined English/PWO Karen service. Pastor Rev. Peter Neilsen 9391 1213

Pwo Karen Church Meeting at Newport Baptist Church 26 Mason St NEWPORT 3015 Mel 55 J4. Services: 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays 2:00 pm, 1st Sunday 12:00 Noon combined English/Pwo Karen service with Newport Baptist congregation. Pastor Saw John.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church 9 Newcastle St NEWPORT 3015 Mel 55 J3. Services Sunday 11:00 am, Saturday 7:00 pm. Father Joe McMahon 9391 1201

Spotswood Seventh Day Adventist Church 6 Robert St SPOTSWOOD 3015 Mel 55 K1. Services Saturday 11:00 am & 12:30 pm.

St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church 65 Reed St (Cnr Arras St) SPOTSWOOD 3015 Mel 41 H12. Services Saturday 6:00 pm &  9:30 am. Father Joe McMahon 9391 1201

St Mark’s Anglican Church 622 Melbourne Rds (Cnr Hudsons Rd) SPOTSWOOD 3015 Mel 41 J12. Post: PO Box 2110. Spotswood, Vic 3015. Service Sunday 10:00 am.
Rev Dr Gordon Preece. Contact no: 03 9315 2486. Email:.

Williamstown/Williamstown North 3016

Burmese Fellowship 36 Electra St (at Uniting Church) WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C9. Service Sunday 5:00 pm. Rev True Chain 9332 3033

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Nelson Place WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 D9. Nelson Place, Williamstown. Post: PO Box 515 Williamstown 3016. Services Sunday 8:00 am and 10:00 am, 1st Sunday 4:30 pm, 3rd Sunday 6:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 am, Friday 7:30 am. Rev Bill Beagly. Parish Office 9397 5330

St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 87 Cecil St WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 D10. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Rev Bruce Riding 9397 5338

St Mary of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 116 Cecil St WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 D10. Services Sunday 8:30, 10:30 am, Saturday 9:00 am, 6:30 pm. Father Greg Trythall, Sister Helen Reed 9397 6066

Westgate Vineyard Church57 Stevedore St, WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C8. Meeting Sunday 10:00 am. Pastors John and Naomi Bujeya  9399 3147. Email:.

Williamstown Baptist Church55 Park Crs (“Beth Tephillah”) WILLIAMSTOWN NORTH 3016 Mel 55 J7. PO Box 138 Williamstown 3016. Gathering for food, worship, learning and prayer: Friday 6:00 pm, Other gatherings on various days and times. Prayer ministry by appointment. Pastors Malcolm & Diana Dow 9397 2430. Email:.

Williamstown Church Of Christ 124 Douglas Pde (Cnr John St) WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C8. Service Sunday 10:00 am. Rev Megan Jung 9397 5715

Williamstown Gospel Mission 8-10 Electra St WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C9. Service Sunday 11:00 am. Pastor Nick Holod 9397 1724

Williamstown Salvation Army 81-83 Stevedore St (Cnr Bath Pl) WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C8. Service Sunday 11:00 am. Cpt. Matthew & Fiona Kean 9398 1954, 9397 5942

Williamstown Uniting Church – Electra St.36 Electra St (Cnr Pasco St) WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C9. All Age Worship Sunday 10 am. Wednesday Worship 1.30pm on the first Wednesday of the month. Young Families Worship 4pm in the Children’s Centre (enter from Pasco St) on third Sunday of the month except in school holidays.

Williamstown Uniting Church – St Stephens 179 Melbourne Rd. WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 A6. Service Sunday 9:30 am. Rev. Dr. Ken Dempsey 0434 022 411


24 Responses to Directory

  1. Pingback: The Churches Directory has been updated | Hobsons Bay Churches

  2. Helen Diprose says:

    Should be 14 Sargood St (not 62 Blythe) between Queen and Blythe Sts. Luis is Student Pastor (not Spanish) No home number for Luis, just mobile and that is correct.

  3. Len Hawes says:


    Morning service starts at 10am not 10.30am and there is no night service.
    Also there is no AOG church in the scout hall at altona anymore.


  4. Helen Diprose says:

    Currently incorrect web address. Should be

  5. Warren Hodge says:

    Loooks good Mal … thanks … can we have a link to our website here … Warren.

  6. Richard Murray says:

    Sunday Service times for Holy Trinity Anglican Church Williamstown: 8.00am & 10.00am

  7. Ps Nick Holod says:

    Thank you Mal for your efforts.
    Bless you and Di.

  8. Rosana Payne, Secretary says:

    St Margaret Mary’s Church, Spotswood should read – Services Saturday 6.00pm and Sunday 9.30am

  9. new phone number 0408271944 93980652

  10. admin says:

    Thanks to Helen, Len, Warren, Richard, Nick, Rosana and Warren for comments and ammendments. I’ve put them all in (or out in one case).

    Warren, the website link is the church entry title – click on that.

    If people think a more obvious link to websites is needed here let me know. I am intending to put all church and ministry website links into the blogroll and links widgets in the sidebars of every page, so I thought more links in the directory would be overkill.

    For those of you who have a website and haven’t checked this link please do so. I’ve put in the URLs as per the old database, but some of them may be incorrect or have changed since the old directory was last updated.

    If you or your church has an email address you are willing to let people contact you through please let me know (by private email) and I’ll put it in the directory. I use a coding method that does not allow robots and automatic email address capturing systems to read the address, even though it appears on the site in clear. However, if you put your email address directly into a comment or blog post I can’t guarrantee its safety.

    It’s helpful for comments about each page to be sent through the comment system on that page, as you have all done here. However, don’t forget to comment on the blog posts – that’s where issues about the website and Hobsons Bay Churches in general can also be discussed. I want to open the blog up to more authors so that news of the churches and the network can more easily reach others through tis website, so if you’d like to be considered for that please let me know.

    Thanks everyone.

  11. Altona Meadows/Laverton Uniting Church says:

    Hi. Thanks for this. Our Address is Altona Meadows. 3028,
    not altona North. All correct otherwise.
    Regards, Lauris Knight, Chairperson

  12. The Venerable Liam Matthews says:

    Hi, I am now the Archdeacon of Williamstown, which means I am now responsible for a new Anglican administration unit called an Archdeaconry, hence I am known as a Venerable.
    I am also the Vicar of the parish of Altona/ Laverton. Which includes both St Eanswythes Altona and St clements Altona Meadows. May I suggest you record both St Eanswythes and St Clements together, or add both My Name and Teery Heath as representiving both churches.
    Liam Matthews

  13. Diana Dow says:

    Remove Ethiopian Antiochian Church (now meet in Maribyrnong) and replace with
    St Mary’s Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church
    112-114 Mills Street, Altona North 3025
    9391 4280

  14. admin says:

    Thanks Di, all done.

  15. Ray Spriggs says:

    Could you please change the phone number for our church secretary Mrs Daley
    to 97491950

    Ray Spriggs

  16. Chanel O'Shannassy says:

    Greetings to the greater community of Hobson’s Bay.

    I work for Edmund Rice Centre Amberley in Lower Plenty under the direction of the Christian Brothers, and my job is to co-ordinate Ministry Retreats with Yr 12 student’s from all over Victoria. As part of this program expanding from South Yarra, we require a hall for our students to utilise as a base on a Wednesday night, during that time the students are involved in volunteering on Soup Vans (one of which is situated in Footscray). The Thursday of retreat the students are sent out to community placements within the wider community.

    I am enquiry to all if there are any parish hall’s out there available for hire for Wednesday nights for the duration of Terms 1-3.

    It is a great program to get involved in and a perfect opportunity to get young people involved in the Hobson’s Bay community.

    If there is any information, that would absolutely fantastic.

    Thank you for your time.

  17. Heidi says:

    I wanted to find out if any churches offer a Thursday night service or if they are open on Thursday nights (I live in Maddox Road, Newport). My brothers funeral is in the UK on Thursday morning (Thursday evening out time) and I wanted to to be somewhere where I can be close to him on his day.

    Thank you.

  18. Ray Spriggs says:


    Could you please change the postal address to read PO Box 1006 Altona Meadows 3028
    not as currently on the web site

    Ray Spriggs

  19. wiliam charles wilson says:

    Hello there,
    My wife Noleen and I were married on 16th of february 1963,
    by the Rev JOHN OXLEY at St Marks spotswood.
    We would like to let John know of our golden wedding anniversary,
    regards Bill Wilson.

  20. julie kiely says:

    About three weeks ago I witnessed a baptism at Altona Beach. A passer by told me it was from an ethiopian church. What a sight it was, a real blessing. Afterwards they held a short service at the Louis Joel Centre near the park. A lady, and her daughter, invited me. I am a born again christian so I said Yes. What a wonderful service, of course it was all in ethiopian, but, you know, “Hallelujah” is the same in english as ethiopian. I was the only white perseon there but I know I will spend eternity in heaven with these people. They were extremely welcoming, and the service was full of joy. I just would like to know which church they represented. I told the Know You Bible class in Cow Bay North Queensland all about it when I came back home. Praise the Lord…Julie

  21. Eric van Rhijn says:

    Williamstown Salvation Army 81-83 Stevedore St (Cnr Bath Pl) WILLIAMSTOWN 3016 Mel 56 C8. Service Sunday 11:00 am. Cpt. Matthew & Fiona Kean 9398 1954, 9397 5942

    The Williamstown Salvation Army Corps is now combined with the Hobsons Bay Corps, Altona,
    108 Queen Street, Altona, Phone: (03) 9398 1750. Officers: Lieutenants Matthew and Fiona Kean Phone: (03) 9398 1750

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