“Search and Rescue” Report

“Search and Rescue”

May I say that something very special and very ordinary happened over these 2 days in August in Hobson’s Bay this weekend.

A group of people from all over Hobson’s Bay met to sing, praise God, pray and talk. It was nothing too grand. Friday night we were moved by the passion of new young minister to the area who has a burden. A burden to let those who wander aimlessly through life, unaware that death threatens to swallow them up, know that there is an out. Jesus Christ, the answer to our life and destiny. 

His burden sprung from Ezekial 33. God had shown him that there is a sword that points to each and everyone of our lives and tells us we are bereft of any good whatsoever and deserve to die. That Jesus and the good news that he has taken that punishment on his shoulders, is a trumpet call of authority to summon people to action. Lastly that responsibilty lay on us who see this truth to warn those whom, as yet, have not.I do him little justice, as he spoke with such conviction and emotion born out of time with God and the scriptures, that to be there was to catch some of what he has been infected with by God. A love for the lost. Prayer followed.

The new day saw a period of instruction that enabled a time of people sharing some of their lives and stories with a few of the fellow community of Hobsons Bay. People reported of overcoming apprehension and finding that on the whole those they spoke to were quite receptive to the planting of seeds and the name of Jesus.

The extraordinary thing was that there was a sense by many that God has started something in Hobsons Bay. Something special with the potential to transform the church in Hobsons Bay and the whole city. A city forewarned and prepared for the coming sword, and the coming King.

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