Hobsons Bay Churches Website Overhaul

It’s been a long time coming but at last I’ve overhauled the Hobsons Bay Churches website. There is new information, and everything is up to date as of December 19th 2007.

The directory of churches now has 40 entries. Some churches have closed or moved and new ones have commenced.

If only I could find someone to take over the magazine!

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One Response to Hobsons Bay Churches Website Overhaul

  1. editor says:

    Hi Mal,

    this is the first time I’ve dropped by the website. It certainly is a challenge to keep everything up to date and also to extract information from the churches.

    Just wanted to say thanks to the link to http://www.willichurch.org.au our new website for the Church of Christ. We’ve had some visitors referred from your site so it is certainly working.

    Hope you all managed to drop by to our Christmas Festival. We had over 200 visitors (not our church members) through the program. Very good responses. Quite a number of visitors from this came back for our Christmas worship – which was the plan. We’ve already started planning for christmas 2008 and hope to have many more responses.

    This is one way of holding up the meaning of Christmas in our community. Drop by our website in a few days and we’ll have pics of the festival up.